Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On this site you will photos and my logging of daily events.
M ore of my photos can be viewed at... http://www.pbase.com/kuemmet/marcel_kuemmet_photography

The first photos are from the past year or two.
This one is of the Fox River in Green Bay taken in 2004.
I have been a photography buff for many years, but have only really start shooting alot in the last couple of years.
I am now shooting with a Nikon 885. The camera is damaged and cannot be controlled manually.
I plan to aquire a Nikon D50 within a year.
I have recently moved back to Manitowoc, WI..
Most of the new photo's well be in the Manitowoc area.
I will be living with some rooomates, Palo the Bird,
and Neegee, a Chiwawa.

A walk in Schuette park today brought many memories of when I was young.
little has changed since the I spent many hours and days there